Chief: Jamestown Police Has Heavy Presence Downtown, Urges Patience Following Event

JAMESTOWN-Police Chief Harry Snellings urges attendees of the annual Holiday Parade to use caution and exercise patience immediately following event.

“I’ve been here for 21 years, so we’re used to these kinds of crowds,” said Snellings, minutes before the parade started.

City Parks Manager John Williams roped off part of 3rd St. directly in front of City Hall between Spring and Prendergast Streets before the event kicked off as a method of traffic and safety control.

The parade takes a massive coordinated effort that entails cooperation and teamwork from departments across the city.

“We do that to keep the kids safe and to prevent them from getting hurt when they hand the candy out,” said Williams.

Large crowds were observed walking south down Main St. shortly before the parade began.

“We will begin opening up the streets right after the parade from back to front,” said Snellings.

The parade line-up started near Hallock and 3rd Streets near the 3rd St. Bridge. You can expect that area to free up first.

The parade will end at approximately  8:30, with the tree-lighting ceremony and fireworks to follow.