Child Abuse Rates Climbing To Epidemic Levels; County Executive Blames Drugs

JAMESTOWN – Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello said, like many things in our community, child abuse is a symptom of the drug epidemic. 
Borrello’s comments come as county lawmakers brace for additional funds needed to combat the growing number of child abuse cases.
“We want other people involved,” Borrello said. “It takes the cooperation of others to let law enforcement know when those cases occur.”
“I think like everything the child abuse problem is tied into drug abuse,” he said.
There are shorts  and long-term negative consequences related to child abuse and maltreatment, including adverse health, educational attainment and social and behavioral development, according to New York State. 
The state said that the number of child abuse cases in Chautauqua County, confirmed or indicated by Child Protective Services  this year, is two times higher than the state’s average.


  1. Yes just like everything else ppl must find an excuse or finger to point not saying the drugs are not a problem they deff are but the biggest problem is our system I had a child from ny state living in my home in pa for three years u think they checked on that child once nope dhs had no idea she was even here I contacted them even went to court all they did was bury there dirty little secret that they failed this child in evrty way like I’m sure they have done plenty of times befor they are not here to protect children in need they protect the best interest for them and sorry know one could convince me otherwise after what we went through and just to make it a little more clearer this baby lived in my home straight through from the age of six months till just after her 4th birthday at no time did I get a call visit anything so for all they knew I was an abuser having my way with this baby doing whatever I want yeah they really protected this little girl maybe someone needs to step up and shine the spotlight where is needed

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