City Bar Ordered Closed By County Health Department

JAMESTOWN-The Outback, a bar located at 114 Jones and Gifford Ave., was recently ordered to close and cease all operations immediately according to the County Department of Health and Human Services.

Owner Edward Bowles reportedly failed to maintain a valid permit to operate a “Food Service Establishment”, a violation of the New York State Food Code.

“This is an unfortunate situation but despite our efforts to work with the The Outback (A.K.A The Bar), minimum requirements to maintain a valid permit to operate a food service establishment have not been met,” said County Health Official Christine Schuyler.



  1. Why do u have to have a perment to cook food these laws up here freaking sucks its a bar look at half these bars around here for example the bull frog with the stabbings and fights there still open why not close that bar down or they have a perment for stabbing & killing

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