City Councilman Headed To Conference “To Learn How City Government Is Run”

JAMESTOWN – A City Councilman is headed to a three-day seminar at the New York Conference of Mayor’s next week. 
“I am paying out of pocket for this opportunity to learn more about how city government is run,” posted Andy Liuzzo via Facebook.
On Thursday night, he posted that he was going to miss a presentation by the Department of Environmental Conservation on deer management that will be held on May 7th at 7:30 pm.
In late April, Liuzzo expressed optimism through another Facebook post that he wrote about controlling the deer population.
“Great response to the deer post. I referenced this at the City Council Work Session,” he said.  “The first step is to hold a forum open to the public. The citizens need to decide if the deer  are a problem or not.”
Councilman Liuzzo pointed out that feeding deer is illegal and has been since 2012.
“If the citizens decide that the deer need to be thinned out, it will not mean that anyone can hunt them in the city,” he wrote.
“The hunters will be certified experts; the culling will be controlled,” he added.
Liuzzo has preached accountability since being sworn in earlier this year, and he uses his Facebook page to convey his sentiments and make announcements about City Council meetings.
“I will continue my promise to make city government  transparent in all of our decisions,” Liuzzo said.
“If this upsets people that don’t like to answer questions about “why” decisions are being made, then expect to be accountable.”