City Zoning Board to Discuss Cell Tower Proposal for Hallock Street

There are cell towers in various locations across Chautauqua County. Local towers are located on Orchard Road, about a mile west of Falconer, Hardscrapple Road in Westfield, Clymer Hill, Brainard Hill in Ellington, Meadow Road in Arkwright, Clinton Avenue in Fredonia and one in Mina.

Residents have voiced concerns about property devaluation and line-of-sight issues, but say there are other issues that may need addressed, including environmental factors.

Google Map of the proposed site.

But, according to the American Cancer Society, the chances of becoming ill when living near a tower are slight.¬†Public exposure to radio waves from cell phone towers is less likely to impact people’s health because power levels are relatively low, much lower than radio and television signals. Also, signals from cell towers are transmitted intermittently, rather than constantly.

Contrary to public belief, there is little evidence to link cell tower transmissions to cancer, the Society said. Radiation given off by cell towers is less than those released by x-rays and ultraviolet (UV) light. Also, radiofrequency (RF) waves have long wavelengths, which can only be concentrated to about an inch in size. Thus, RF waves are unlikely to be concentrated enough to impact human cells.