Comedy Center Chairman “Not Mad” After NY Times Article Slams City

JAMESTOWN-National Comedy Center Chairman Tom Benson said Thursday he has no hard feelings after the New York Times attempted to humiliate Albany’s decision to erect a major tourist attraction here.

“We’re creating a world-class attraction in a small town,” said Benson. “We’ve had to educate the people of the town let alone the rest of the world.”

The article published on September 5th stated that Jamestown wasn’t a “funny place” and that the city has made a modest living on Lucy’s legacy.

When asked if all publicity was good publicity, Benson said he didn’t have enough experience with the subject to answer the question.

“If the New York Times wants to show up and give us publicity on the project, that’s great with us,” Benson said.

Benson was surprisingly unclear as to what phase the project was in.

The National Comedy Center is slated to be finished next Fall.



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  1. Lucille Ball wanted to promote comedy, and give start-up comedians the opportunity to shine. This was her dream and vision for the future. She would be very proud of Jamestown’s National Comedy Center.

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