1. Thats very sad because they seemed like such good people,
    Descent to the community anyways.
    Letting kids establish sm credit lines and certain families, I believe if they got to know ya because they got to know ya and liked ya…………Like what it once used to be..Pearsons market…I grew up with the daughters of the owner of Pearson’s…Used to cut through the butcher dept with Beth everyday after school…..Penny fish behind the counter…lol…It was Great……..

    Since Fresh Cuts——–…Hear they made the best subs and pizza ..Amazing deli meats and great personalities at the cash out..Expecially i believe her name was Sally,(maybe owner) ?
    To bad……Seemed to be on the UP and Up!

    Hope to see all come back clear buttttttttt……..Stranger things are known to Happen…Wish them the best of luck…….If thats the case!

  2. Known Joe my entire life, very surprising.
    Everyone you interviewed said he is a good man and that they are shocked, that should tell you something, uh?

  3. Very sad to hear this could be very possible that an employee not the owner is involved …..

  4. I have heard from plenty of people throughout the years. It is no surprise to anyone, they most certainly would allow you to swipe your benefit card to get cash out. This is what we call fraud and they most certainly benefited from it. The only people saddened by this are the people cheating the system by getting cash for there food stamps.

  5. It’s to bad this happened. I used to get meat there. But if the owner was letting people get things they’re not suppose too on food stamps then that is fraud. The owner may be a good person, but do things the legal way. It’s the same thing as the pharmacy kiddie corner from WCA doing fraud with medicaid.

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