Company On The Fence About Buying Any Closing Tops Stores

 ALBANY – According to Albany Business Review, a company familiar with the Tops bankruptcy proceedings in considering, but not sure, if it will purchase any of the stores Tops may close.

Sources posted on UFCW District Union One’s website report that Price Chopper/Market 32 may consider buying closing stores but it remains to be seen until the bankruptcy is finalized.
Tops Markets LLC filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Feb. 21.
Sources said that in 2010 the Golub Group, which owns Price Chopper/Market 32, attempted to buy 22 P&C stores when Penn Traffic went bankrupt. Tops Markets won in court when it offered to buy all Penn Traffic stores.
An analyst identified in the post, said Tops would have more value as a full business instead of being sold piecemeal.