Congressman Reed Urges More Attention Paid To How Mental Illness Effects Gun Violence

JAMESTOWN-New York’s 23rd District Congressman Tom Reed wants to draw more attention to a possible link between mental illness and gun violence.

Reed is co-sponsoring a bill called  Second Amendment Guarantee Act, with fellow Rep. Chris Collins, R-27 of Clarence, that would repeal the state’s gun control legislation voted in to law with very little push-back in 2013.

During a recent media conference call with reporters, Reed reiterated his desire to give law abiding citizens the ability to challenge overly restrictive gun laws. He also says he wants to get the conversation started about the role mental illness plays in gun violence.

“We are working on some mental health legislation as we speak,” Reed said. “I think there is ripe area for common ground for us to take on the issue of gun violence from the prospective of mental health treatment.”

Reed said he supports the treatment of mental illness saying it’s a medical condition and should be treated like anything else.

According to, more than 10,000 people have been killed as a result of gun violence this year.