County Clerk Says Peeling License Plates Becoming A Statewide Issue

MAYVILLE – Chautauqua County Clerk Larry Barmore said that peeling license plates have recently become a problem throughout New York State.
Barmore explained that because of a manufacturing flaw from the contractor, many license plates are peeling and becoming hard to read by law enforcement. License plates also need to be readable as Interstate 90 becomes a cashless-tolling road.

Law enforcement agencies across New York State say that they may ticket a motorist if the license plate is unreadable. Road patrol vehicles use cameras to scan vehicle plates as they drive on the highway.
County Clerk Barmore wants motorists to know that peeling license plates will be replaced free of charge at any of the county’s three DMV offices. This applies to both the old white plates and the newer gold and blue plates. All one has to do is take the peeling plates to a DMV office, fill out a one page form, and leave with a new set of plates.
Clerk Barmore advises motorists to come during the slower times, and you will be in and out in minutes. Generally avoiding the first and last days of a month and avoiding Monday and Friday will get you in and out quickly.