County Clerk’s Office Now Accepting Credit Cards

MAYVILLE – For the first time in its history, the Chautauqua County Clerk’s Office is accepting credit cards along with cash and checks.

County Clerk, Larry Barmore, has announced that the county clerk’s office is now accepting credit cards as a means of payment.

“This is something I have been working on for some time” Barmore said. “Making sure that I found the right company to deal with for card
acceptance that would give us the best service and lowest fees to save money for taxpayers.”

Now customers can use their Visa, Master Card, Discover or Amex card to pay for recordings and filings as well as the usual payment methods. According to legislative policy, the fees charged for the credit card usage are borne by the user so there is a 2 1⁄2% fee on top of the amount of the charge. There is also a minimum charge of $20.00 for any card usage.

“Customers have been asking for some time to be able to use a credit card for payment and I am happy to say that the County Clerk’s office has finally moved into the 21st century. Many people no longer carry cash and a credit card is a convenient payment method. Credit cards are already accepted
as payment in thousands of establishments throughout the county and now the County Clerk’s office can be counted as one of them,” Barmore said.