County Health Director Reacts To Rabies-Infected Cat Attacking Stockton Residents

MAYVILLE-Two Stockton residents were attacked by a feral cat earlier this month according to the County’s Health Department. 

 County Health Director Christine Schuyler told WNYNewsNow’s Ryan Hedrick Tuesday morning there are multiple reasons why cats, specifically strays, contract rabies.  

Health officials say this is the first rabid animal report in Chautauqua County this year. Officials warn residents to be on the lookout for lethargic animals who exhibit strange behavior. Raccoons, skunks and bats are most likely to contract the virus.

Schuyler also reminds residents to get their pets vaccinated.


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  1. Here’s a couple of good (and independent) recent examples of what TNR promoters and practitioners bring to your communities. If everyone not involved lawyered-up you can have them all bankrupt for life and sitting in prisons for a long time. That’s one way to get enough money to euthanize them all.

    Any animal harvested from the wild which already has rabies is not cured of rabies with that single vaccination they give it. Nor are any kittens able to mount an effective defense against rabies from a vaccination because their immune systems aren’t developed enough yet.

    Any animal harvested from unknown rabies exposure conditions with an unknown vaccination history must be quarantined for no less than 6 months in a government supervised double-walled containment system — as required by all national and international pet-trade, import/export, and animal-transport laws. Anyone involved in your TNR programs at any level can be deeply sued for being in direct violation of these laws.

    “Health officials seeking people who may have had contact with rabid kitten” – News OK – June 15, 2017 —

    Think they’ll be able to find everyone? Well, they will, eventually. When they are found dying of rabies after they have gone “mad” and attacked others. That’s one way I guess. I wonder if all children in the area will be honest with their parents about playing with a kitten, or even remember which one — if they are lucky enough to even get asked.

    I guess too that all those people from decades ago who first wrote all the no-animals-at-large, rabies-prevention, and rabies-containment laws were really stupid. Only today’s uneducated, lying, deceptive and manipulative cyber-bullying cat-advocates know what’s wise for all lives in their communities. Right?

    The worst incidence of human rabies exposure in US HISTORY was due to a TNR’ed feral cat colony in Concord, NH in 1994. A rabid raccoon attracted to food left out for the community-vermin cat-colony infected four of the colonies kittens with rabies–all subsequently died. But before they did the colony caretakers foisted them on a local pet store. The store sold them to the public, after which all the kittens promptly died. 665 people were exposed thereby–it cost the township of Concord $2 million to treat them. Documentation of this can be found on the CDC website (2013). I’ll ask in passing: how was this colony producing KITTENS, after supposedly having been trapped, NEUTERED and released?

    In 2012 another irresponsible group of “caretakers” known as “Animal Ark” touched off another rabies exposure crisis in Carlsbad, New Mexico when some of their “community” vermin caught rabies from a skunk attracted to the cat food put out by the feeders. Only 12 people were exposed and had to be treated, but hundreds of pet cats and dogs and livestock had to be destroyed.

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