Cuomo Blames Trump, GOP For Violence, Fails To Blast Antifa

NEW YORK – Gov. Mario Cuomo today blamed political violence on the Republicn Party and President Donald J. Trump. Cuomo blasted the President while a guest on Al Sharpton’s Keepin’ It Real program.
“The New York State Republican Party knew exactly what they were doing. They did what Trump was calling for; it was hostile, it was ugly, it was racial, it was sexist and it, once again, headed the extreme elements and headed the hate and fanned the flames of hate, and somehow they believe this inures to their political benefit.”
Yesterday, Cuomo called on the FBI to investigate incidents involving the ‘Proud Boys’ group following disturbing videos and reports of violence over the weekend and directed the State Police Hate Crimes Unit to coordinate with the FBI and NYPD on thorough investigations into these incidents and any additional acts of violence or discrimination by the group across the state. Cuomo, did not, however, call out the Antifa attack on the Molinaro headquarters in Manhattan.
Cuomo  blamed an invitation by the GOP to the Proud Boys, a self-proclaimed chauvinist white male group that opposes Islam and political correctness.
“You have the New York State Republican party invite a group called the Proud Boys. The Southern Poverty Leadership Center says they’re a hate group. They’re a self-proclaimed male chauvinist group, white supremacist group. But they have a long history of violence,” Cuomo said. “Why the Republican party would bring a group that has a history of violence. He was at NYU—New York University—and there was violence after he spoke there. So they knew exactly what they were doing and they brought him in anyway, into this state that you know we have no tolerance for hate speech.”
Cuomo went on to blame Trump for promoting violence.

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“What bothers me even more, the same weekend, last weekend, Trump was all over the airwaves talking about how Democrats are bad people and they create chaos and they are a mob. And that same weekend the Republican party in New York does this. Now I think sometimes one and one equals two. I think they are desperate for the midterms, they are trying to fire up their base because they’re afraid of the energy in the Democratic party, the so-called blue wave,” Cuomo said.
Reverend Al Sharpton: Now you, if I’m hearing you right, you’re saying that there was a cynical, political motive that New York Republicans had and even inviting them and paralleling the president saying that there was mob rule on the Democratic side?
Cuomo said Republicans are really extreme Conservatives.
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Cuomo did not call out Antifa for their rioting and actions in Portland, Ore.

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  1. This is what you get from Unhappy New Yorkers. If you want real change, we have to rid ourselves of Cuomo. He is helping keep people divided. If you want real change, vote for the man who brings, left, right and middle together. VOTE LARRY SHARPE. Make NY Great again.

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