Dunkirk Getting Blasted By Lake Effect Snow; Several Reports Of Accidents, Whiteout Conditions

DUNKIRK- Lake effect snow is dropping some pretty intense snowfall in extreme southern Erie and northern Chautauqua Counties, according to WNY News Now Chief Forecaster Dakota Hunter. 

He says there are reports of near whiteout conditions within this band along Rt. 60 and I-90.

State Police Eric Balon said,”my guys are busy responding to calls for cars off of the side of the road left and right.”

Balon said it took him nearly two hours to get from Dunkirk to Angola.

Affected areas include Dunkirk, Fredonia, Hamburg, East Aurora, Evans, Boston, Eden, Springville, Bennington and Colden. This includes the mainline Thruway between exits 57 and 60.

Shortly after 4:00, Chautauqua County reported a Dunkirk school bus sliding off of the road along W. 7th Street.

There were no reported injuries in that incident.



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