Election Day: NY Voters Could Decide Whether To Strip Corrupt Politicians Of Pensions

JAMESTOWN-Assemblyman Andy Goodell says New York is trying to change the culture of corruption at the highest levels of government. 

On Tuesday, voters will head to the polls and one of the ballot measures would strip corrupt politicians of their pensions.

“What’s happened that’s a little different from the past is that both legislative leaders report back to their respective caucuses much more than they did in the past,” said Goodell.

Two years ago, Albany was rocked by the indictments of Democratic Speaker Sheldon Silver and Republican Senate Leader Dean Skelos.

Both men had their convictions reversed because of a U.S. Supreme Court verdict. Prosecutors intend to retry the men.

According to a report published by the Associated Press,  Skelos and Silver are due a combined $185,000 in pensions.