Emotional Public Meeting Ends With Annexation Hanging In The Balance

FALCONER- A public meeting at Falconer Center School on Monday revealed many different sides to the proposed annexation of a parcel of land that sits adjacent to the border between Jamestown, the Village of Falconer and the Town of Ellicott. 

For the hundreds of people that were in attendance on Monday night the meeting was a bit dull, however comments from attorneys from both sides seemed to ignite a public comment session that, at times, proved residents are fed up with paying high taxes for municipalities that are devoid of funds.

“Cheaper energy is not going to keep people here, higher taxes are going to keep people out,” said David Young, a Falconer resident who spoke out during the public comment session.

Politicians from Falconer and Jamestown met at Falconer Central for a public meeting about annexation. Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.
“I would’ve loved to have steak and lobster, I’m a blue collar man,” remarked Young.

“I got out for five days and put 70 hours into those five days you think I get to come home to steak and lobster at the end of the week? I’m thankful that we can have pizza and chicken wings. ”

I think Jamestown should learn how to live on hot dogs nd blue boxes,” Young said.

Aside from the comments offered by David Young several others expressed anger and shock that Jamestown City officials would try to seize land that’s worth about $150,000 in tax revenue to Falconer’s school district.

A packed house at Falconer Central School. Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.
“Say what you want to say Mr. Mayor (Sam Teresi) this is a money Grab,” said Falconer Central School Board President, Todd Beckerink.

Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi avoided our direct question about accusations of the annexation being a “money grab” by simply stating that the loss of revenue from impending annexation would be offset by increased aid from New York State.