Exclusive Interview: Lampanelli Raves About Lucy Comedy Fest

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JAMESTOWN-Comedian Lisa¬†Lampanelli provided her well-renowned “crude” humor, or as she, herself, called “risky”, during a performance Saturday evening at the Reg Lenna as part of the Lucy Comedy Fest.¬†

Lampanelli roasted the audience on numerous occasions, with most audience members, including a local pastor, laughing alongside the comedian. She, at one point, even called a security guard who identified himself as Puerto Rican a “Spick.” Photojournalist Allen McElwain said a few people, however, left the show early in disgust.

Lampanelli provided details of her experience while on the Celebrity Apprentice. She said she dealt with a team full of “tampon c****.” She also made a joke about close friend and fellow Apprentice contestant/singer, Clay Aiken.

“If I want to smell like blood and sperm, I’ll punch Clay Aiken in the mouth.” Lampanelli was referring to a perfume singer Lady Gaga reportedly attempted to market a few years ago.

Lampanelli also picked on Oprah Winfrey for her philanthropy with the needy in Africa.

A lady, who later told WNYNewsNow she was intoxicated, was booted from the performance after she approached Lampanelli on stage. Lampanelli, at first, welcomed her with her typical raunchy commentary before politely asking her to leave.

The 56-year-old from Connecticut compared herself to Don Rickels afterwards as both “truly have” a big heart (Rickels died in April) despite the jokes that “don’t reflect” their true nature.

Lampanelli jokingly told myself and reporter Ryan Hedrick afterwards to “meet my left nut” when requesting an interview, which she graciously provided in the video above. Justin Gould and McElwain also added different angles within the video.

She wants her fans to “not give a f***” when pursuing their dreams.


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  1. Lampanelli tells it like the majority feel but are too afraid to admit it,,, I love her. You go gurl!!!

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