EXCLUSIVE: Resource Center Files Assault Charges Against Paraplegic Man; Man Accuses Staff Of Sexual Misconduct

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JAMESTOWN-Twenty-one-year-old paraplegic man Julio Aponte detailed his side of an assault he is accused of committing against a member of The Resource Center’s staff during an interview at his residence Sunday with Ryan Hedrick and myself.

Aponte accused another member of the staff of sexual misconduct by taking  pictures of his genitals at a property of the TRC on Chandler St.  The city native also claimed a non-staff member was with that staff member as the photos were taken.

Multimedia Journalist Justin Gould contributed to this report. 


  1. I’m not surprised by Mr. Cala’s behavior. He is part of the good old boy networking. Not protecting or defending people. Just what is in it for him. The whole justice system in Jamestown is a joke.

  2. My heart goes out to the family. There are waiver CSS services he she look into instead of traditional services

  3. You guys only wanna see this guys side. Not all ppl with disability’s have the mentality of a 4 yrs old but its not the case.this man new what he was doing he new wrong from right he attack a worker on purpose an is getting treated like the victim. I think all these ppl commenting on this incident should just site back and stop letting the media hype everything up like there good at doing cuz that’s all they do

  4. Knew not new Tom … I personally have know this young man for years and it makes me sick to think this kinda behavior happens on the staffs behalf. He is disabled and staff should be trained to handle him.

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