Experts Say Jamestown’s Drug Epidemic Is Getting Worse

JAMESTOWN- A new report published this week by the Rockefeller Institute of Government said the drug epidemic is getting worse.

Rick Huber, Director of New Programs at the Mental Health Association told WNYNewsNow Tuesday 27 young people died since the beginning of 2017 due to a drug overdose.


  1. Supply and demand, ask me One question what are we still doing in the middle East what’s THERE…nothing but poppy fields…government

  2. 17 years been there so where is the h coming from…big brother..legalize it..and let the chips fall where they may…what else can be done. Conspiracy theory or truth….???So quit blaming the for thought..

  3. Mike Alvin. Are you kidding me. Legalize heroin? Do you have a brain? I was born and raised in Jamestown. Used to be a nice place to live. Safe, prosperous, jobs everywhere. Now it’s completely different. Wood and Metal Industry jobs are gone, no future there anymore. The kids need to have something to do and get educated. Having a heroin epidemic in Jamestown is really sad. Kids…wake up and get educated, and move…there are better places to live. Sad.

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