FL: Parkland Students March In Solidarity

TALLAHASSEE, Fl (CNN) – From Arizona to Washington, students walked out of schools in support of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students a week after their classmates were silenced by gunfire.
And in Tallahassee, Stoneman Douglas students who survived the Parkland shooting massacre chanted louder than ever: “Vote them out!”
Their words echoed through the hallways of the state Capitol, where they demanded a ban on weapons like the one used to kill their friends and teachers.
“This is for every single kid who fears for their life,” said Alfonso Calderon, a Stoneman Douglas student. “This is something serious. It is about human lives.”
In a day filled with emotion and tears, groups of survivors of the Florida shooting and parents of victims stood feet away from President Donald Trump, Florida’s governor and lawmakers. They pleaded for changes in gun law as the nation grapples with how to prevent mass shootings in schools.
Stoneman Douglas students said they left the state Capitol feeling hopeful, encouraged, and disappointed.
“You need to change something before your daughters are the victims,” sophomore Bailey Feuerman said to Gov. Rick Scott.