Former Military Police Officer Weighs In On Jamestown Aerial Search

JAMESTOWN – A former military police officer with aerial search experience is reacting to a helicopter search observed by our reporters and several members of the community on Friday. 
“In any search or observation situation a helicopter is worth a thousand men on the ground,” said A.D. Simko, Executive Director, News Now.
“The helicopter can view a much larger area and if needed alert ground individuals to suspicious items viewed from above,” said Simko. “The vantage point known as an eagle eye view is priceless when in a searching or observing position over large areas especially wooded or bodies of water.”
“I am unaware if this was what was happening, but if it is, its diligence on behalf of our local law enforcement,” Simko added.
WNYNewsNow has not been able to confirm if Friday’s search centered on the disappearance of 35-year-old Sean Carpenter who went missing last week after a night out with his friends. However, WNYNewsNow has confirmed the helicopter is searching for a missing person.