Frewsburg Man Takes Own Life With A Gunshot Wound Outside Of Sporting Goods Store

RUSSELL(Pa.)-A 67-year-old Frewsburg man took his own life with a gunshot wound Wednesday evening just outside the Tall Tales Sporting Goods store on Rt.62. 

PA State Trooper Cindy Owens told WNYNewsNow’s Ryan Hedrick that the man, whom she was unable to identify, had various mental health issues.

Owens said the State Troopers will guide people who have such crises to the right place.

If you or a loved one feel as though there’s no hope or alternative, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.


  1. It’s absolutely unacceptable that this man felt so alone that he thought his only friends were the employees of Tall Tales. This not only casts a shadow of darkness on his family but the employees of Tall Tales who knew him will need to process this and realize they are not responsible.

  2. Not sure where u got u WRONG and information but first of all he is NOT 67 yrs old and second of all there WAS no female officer at the seen. I know bc I was there n I spoke with officers n corner. Oh and as far mental issues go not sure where u got that information bc no such thing was EVER said at the scene to any officer. You are nothing but a gossiper with no REAL facts. This family is not going to tolerate ur Lies nor gossip. You post anything more lies about this situation I WILL PRESS CHARGES. This family lost a loved one plane n simple let us grieve without vicious lies.

  3. where in the hell do you get off posting INCORRECT information? Maybe you should check your FACTS before you report the “news”!

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