Horrigan’s Final Days As County Executive Near, Borrello To Be Sworn In Monday

MAYVILLE – Chautauqua County Executive Vince Horrigan is getting ready to turn the reigns over to Executive-elect George Borrello, who will be sworn into office New Years Day.

In a phone interview with WNYNewsNow Friday, Horrigan said he is proud of the accomplishments by his administration and feels that Chautauqua County is prepared for 2018 and beyond.

Horrigan also touched on the drug epidemic and his fight to help quell it.

“Its tough because I am a fix it guy and that’s not something you can fix,” Horrigan said. “But, you sure listen, work and do everything in your power to fix it.”

We also reached out to Borrello, who said he’s excited to hit the ground running after he is sworn in on Monday.

“I’ve already had a few pre-season meetings where I’ve meet with a few businesses,” Borrello said. “I’ve heard some great ideas and challenges that need to be addressed.”

Borrello is planning on meeting with one hundred businesses in his first one hundred days.

He said work by Horrigan helped prepare him for office. Borrello has worked with Vince for many years prior to this election.

Borrello plans on keeping county government fluid and is looking to make careful changes going forward.