1. You might want to go further into the story of this sober house I have. I am charging the woman with fraud asking for donations by deception. She over charges the women, takes their food stamp cards, isn’t followed by any state facilities called oaisis. Her Bradford facility is still condemned due to a beam failure. She was given 2300 dollar donation. Jealous I would applaud a woman that took proper care of women getting sober. She is a greedy shady, woman using an addiction as a paycheck.

  2. My name is Judie I also resided at nakeemas sober house and I’m hear to tell you it’s everything but a recovery based house. The house is in terrible condition and its smells of cat and dog feces.I was made to clean that up whenever a mess was made.I had to take a shower that had no walls just tacked up shower curtains.when it came to my food stamps she spent those on her and her son and I was forced to eat all donated food.she also left me in the house for a whole week by myself.at Thanksgiving she left her dog for four days with no food or water. The animals went to the bathroom all over the house and she had the nerve to yell at them for it when it was her fault for leaving them. I was treated more like a slave than anything. I was always talked down to. I had to get out of there within a month. I would rather sleep on the streets than to be treated like that

  3. How many times is she going to be able to do this??? She keeps moving to different counties, opening different homes and harming addicts who are trying to get better!! Are we waiting for someone to die before they stop this ??? I’m really sorry for those who have been affected by this both addicts and the people who donated. I tried warning people through others. What an awful person to scam so many kind hearted people!!!! Thank God something is finally being done.

  4. She is not involved in the house in Bradford PA. Please know that!!! The good kind hearted people of our town need to know that.

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