Jamestown BPU Shuts Off Power In Sampson Street Area

UPDATE: Robbins said that most of the customers had their power restored by approximately 10:50 a.m., but there is still a section of customers out at this time on Sampson between McKinley and Newland Avenues.  Robbins added that customers in the area can expect power to be restored as soon as possible.

 At the same time, another neighboring circuit opened, affecting approximately 200 additional customers whose power was restored in forty minutes.

There is still a section of 45 customers out at this time on Sampson between McKinley and Newland.  Linemen are in the area working to finish repairs.

JAMESTOWN – More than 600 people are without power after a line fell in the area of Sampson and Morton Streets Monday morning.
The line briefly caught fire after falling near a parked car on Sampson Street.
Members of the Jamestown Police Department and Jamestown Fire Department closed the street for around 10 minutes.
Board of Public Utilities Communication Director Rebecca Robbins told WNYNewsNow that crews are working to repair the primary line that fell. There is no restoration time as of 10:15 a.m. as to when the 635 people will regain power.
Journalist Justin Gould is reporting that several residents are outside surveying the scene.

We will continue to provide updates when they become available.