Jamestown City Council PTSA Welcomes SROs to Meeting

JAMESTOWN – The Jamestown City Council PTSA recently welcomed Jamestown School Resource Officers, Ron Powers, who serves in the middle schools, and Jamestown High School SRO J.R. Buesink, to their monthly meeting to talk about cyber bullying.

Officer Powers and Officer Buesink talked about what cyber bullying is, recognizing the signs of cyber bullying in children, the different vehicles of cyber bullying and how they are used, tactics that students use to cyber bully and preventative measures. The officers also offered tips for parents on how to ensure that their child is not cyber bullied.

“The most important thing is that parents are involved in their child’s use of mobile devices and limit access to the vehicles of cyber bullying like cell phones or tablets,” said Officer Powers.

“Most of the cyber bullying we are seeing in the schools takes place outside of the school day and off school property. Parents and schools must work together as a team to stop cyber bullying both during school and after school hours.”

Jamestown Public Schools is committed to providing a safe, supportive environment free from harassment, bullying or discrimination. If a student, family or community member believes that a student has been the target of discrimination, harassment, or bullying – including cyber bullying, please use the DASA Reporting Form for the appropriate Jamestown school, at www.jamestownpublicschools.org. The link is on the home page under “Dignity for All Students (DASA)” and on each school’s home page. The forms are also available in hard copy at each school’s main office. Appropriate school personnel review every report received. Please provide as much detail as possible about the incident so that school personnel can address your concern. JPS takes very seriously our responsibility under the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA).