Jamestown Library Faces Financial Hurdle As City Slashes Budget

JAMESTOWN-The Prendergast Library is facing a massive financial hurdle after the City Council cut a quarter of a million dollars specifically earmarked for the library from its 2017 budget. 

“The library has had a deficit budget for a number of years, and this has been going on for fifty-plus years” said Executive Director Tina Scott.

“It’s nothing new it’s just that foundations have stepped in to close that gap,” Scott added when asked how the library has been able to sustain a five decade-long span.

The library generates revenue in many ways including the collection of fines amassed by people who fail to return books or movies.

Scott asked publicly where the $250,000 went that was allocated for the library in the city’s budget. She said it’s important for people to get involved in their community.

“I don’t think you can make a decision about what’s happening in your community unless you have all of the facts,” said Scott.

She concluded by saying libraries are still relevent contrary to popular belief.

“People may think the library may be a thing of the past, but they are truly not.”





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  1. Supposed to be a thing of the past, not a thing of the fast. Just saying! Good work otherwise!

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