Jamestown Paranormal Investigators Planning Halloween Parade

JAMESTOWN – If a local paranormal investigating organization has its way, the streets of Jamestown could be filled with witches, zombies, super heroes and robots next fall.

Jamestown Paranormal Investigators is planning a Halloween Parade for next October. Director Mike Pollaro said the process is in the earliest stages, including getting approval from the City of Jamestown.

“Basically the parade is to bring the community together. You’ve got to do something to bring the community together and I said, ‘while there’s the Christmas Parade, why dont we hold a Halloween parade,’ ” Pollaro told WNYNewsNow.

Mike Pollaro/ JPI Photo

Pollaro is completing the necessary forms to get city officials to approve the event.

“Once we get it all filled out, I take it back to the lady and she sends it to the places it needs to be. There have to be so many officials in the city who approve it,” Pollaro said.

Pollaro is very optimistic that the event will be approved.

“I’m really not sure how big this parade is going to be. I’m pretty sure that this one’s going to work out. It might not be huge this year, but it might be big enough to make a bigger one next year,” Pollaro said.

He said the main rules are have family friendly fun.

“You can dress up as anything you want to as long as it’s not disrespectful and is family oriented,” he said..

JPI is seeking local companies and businesses to volunteer to build parade floats or dress up in costumes to march in the parade.

“We want to get the businesses involved, it’s going to be a fun-filled event, just like the Christmas Parade. The Christmas Parade is an awesome event for the city,” he said. “They do it right, but now it is time for us to bring in Halloween.

Anyone interested in lending a hand, building a float or marching in the parade can contact Pollaro on his Facebook page, JPI’s facebook page or can call him at (716) 969-9854 to leave a message.