Jamestown Police Allegedly Shoot Dog During Warrant Check

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JAMESTOWN – A man who claims his dog was shot by Jamestown Police Officers Wednesday during a warrant check at 222 Windsor St., said he’s considering legal action.
“The dog was running around the house and the cop just automatically got scared and shot him twice,” said Ray Finch.
Finch indicated that the dog, a pitbull Mastiff mix, ran around the house and surprised the officer.
“It’s messed up because the person they were looking for, didn’t even live here,” said Finch.

Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

The dog later was put down following the incident.
Jamestown Police did not immediately return a message seeking comment for this story.
WNYNewsNow’s Ryan Hedrick & Justin Gould contributed to this report. 


  1. would teach these asshole cops a lesson I would come back and sue the city or police dept for aving the wrong house and shooting your dog damn cops pigs deserve every damn thing they get

  2. Maybe the cop should go to jail for animal cruelty like the guy that hung his dog this is wrong if the dog did not attack him why would he even draw his gun some people are just to coward for the badge

  3. Wow who the fuck does that shot a dog for no reason like what the fuck is wrong with cops these days fuck if they shot my dog they will be taken me to fucking jail because my animals are like my kids

  4. Typical cops. Always ready to shoot someone or something without waiting to see if it’s even a legit threat. Hope they don’t pull me and my family over. We’re always in fear of that.

  5. On a leash in its own home? Yea if it was outside,but not in its home that in itself is cruel.The guy needs brought up on abuse charges and all police need to go through some animal training, if your that scared of a puppy dog how are you going to handle a guy w a gun. This dude is pathtic so are you for siding w him.

  6. Not that I agree that they should of shot the dog.mabe give a chance but I guess at first glance u see a dog running at u I guess u get scared.but me I prolly would of tried to avoid it.only cuz I love pitbulls

  7. Maybe they should start shooting the welfare scum instead who own the dogs and rob the system cause they are lazy pieces of shit

  8. this was obviously a Justified shooting. before people make comments maybe they had to think about what had happened if this was you walking by that home. you wouldn’t had a gun and you would be laying in the hospital or morgue right now. the woman who had this dog and allowed it to run free should have been charged with allowing and assault dog to run free making this a felony charge. while I agree there has been a lot of unjustified shootings in the United States, I also believe and being biased enough to make a decision and whether something is right and wrong. This is clearly an act of self-defense.

  9. Self defense my ass……that Dog didn’t attack that officer….he should have used his pepper spray not his gun!

  10. Wow!! Really?? Not everyone that receives welfare and owns animals is a scum that should be shot!! I worked my whole life(I’m 46) until 2 1/2 yrs ago when my doctor took me out because of herniated and bulging discs in my back and neck. I’m trying to get disability but in the meantime I have to have a way to help provide for my house and pay bills. Even when I was working I still qualified for health insurance bc my employer didn’t offer it and I got food stamps bc I didn’t make enough…Least not in this crappy state!! So bottom line you shouldn’t judge or lump ppl into categories when you don’t have a clue about them or their lives… Hope you have a gReat day

  11. This same dog has gone after me I have scares because of this dog so god job jpd u actually have done something write

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