1. I’ve had nothing but issues with my child’s teacher. My child has some personal issues that have to be worked with and her teacher keeps dropping the ball. I actually have a meeting this week with the principal and counselor to dicuss the ongoing problems. Guess what school she goes to? The lady in this video is delusional if she thinks discipline is good there. Love doesn’t have recess for any of the children, which would help some of the behavior problems, and, in my experience, communication is almost nonexistent. This school has several issues that need to be addressed.

  2. Renee Hartling does a superior job as Principal of Love School. The Love faculty and staff are professional, caring and innovative with the learners in the Love district. Many projects have been tried and are being tried to involve parents in their children’s education. I agree that unacceptable student behavior should not be rewarded. Good for this teacher!

  3. There is a recess time in kindergarten and feel free to join The schools PTA to work more closely with the staff and students, before you put the whole school down.

  4. Instead of publishing your fictional story on social media why don’t you get your child professional help for those personal issues that have to be worked with? And fyi, recess is not going to cure her.

  5. Are you active in your child’s educational experience? Do you follow through at home, with therapies or do you expect the teacher to do it all as well as handle the other children in the classroom? How are you a part of your child’s progress Erica?

  6. I agree with the recess. I no they have it for the kindergarten and under but all kids in elementary are young and full of energy. My child is in second grade and is a fairly active kid. I think that children like mine would benefit from a break to get the wiggles out. My child has outwardly been stressed since converting from bemus elementary to love a year ago.

  7. I Love Love School, The Teachers and all the Staff, I attended SGLove as a child, worked there as an adult, and my children and grandchildren also attended, I am a vet and a college grad, Thank You for a Great Start!

  8. I was a sub 10 years ago and the staff is great there the problem is discipline at home there’s NO RESPECT for teachers or adults at schools anymore parents don’t discipline anymore and if they do cps gets called so how are you supposed to “fix the problem” of the kids behavioral issues when you can’t discipline and as far as recess goes it was the same way 20 years ago when I went to Fletcher was mainly pre k to first grade like it is now only time the older kids went out was during gym or lunch time after done eating and it’s just getting worse year after year should bring back disciplinary action back in kids were more respectful to peers when it was in effect

  9. There is a discipline problem with many children in general but it is only a reflection of society. 9 times out of 10, A child’s discipline is a direct reflection of their parents. Poor parenting = poorly behaved kids. So many people these days are confrontational and have bad attitudes. They feel the world owes them something. Our criminal justice system is flawed and inconsistent. We handicap the Police with rules and lawsuits. We do the same to teachers. Like many people my age, I got the paddle in school for being bad. My parents whooped my butt when I refused to behave or did something dangerous. We don’t provide consistent punishments for adults who are in & out of jail. We don’t consistently enforce work for welfare or time limits for receipt of benefits. So, we create generational welfare and entitled people who pass these attitudes to their kids. No one really holds them accountable for a lifetime of petty crime and their kids learn bad lessons from this. In the end, we want to blame the teachers and schools for not educating kids and providing them with discipline so many parents are wiling to provide at home.

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