JPD Severing Ties With WNYNewsNow

JAMESTOWN-The city’s police department has taken WNY News Now off of its media distribution list indefinitely.

Chief Harry Snellings held a closed door meeting with News Editor Matt Hummel on Tuesday and explained to him that I was falsely reporting on a confidential informant who had been allegedly selling drugs while working as a member of its “CI” program.

Snellings said he had previously told Hedrick that the particular informant was no longer helping the police department with their investigations of certain drug cases.

A text to Snellings to see when WNY News Now  would be restored to the media distribution list went unreturned.


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  1. So why did you violate what little trust they had in you over something like that? Doesn’t seem worth it. So basically by putting this on here you could very well be exposing an informant & risking his life. Sounds like you’re scorn and you just destroyed your own credibility and for what? Cuz you’re mad? I must be completely missing the point in this article.

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