JPS Appoints New Director Of Curriculum, Instruction And Assessment

JPS Communications Director Cathy Panebianco sent us the job description for McDowell. The job isn’t new itself.

Panebianco sent the following:  “The Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment will provide high-level leadership, coordination, and enhancement of district curriculum and instructional programs.

Among the many responsibilities, the director will advise the Superintendent of Schools on changes to instructional requirements and needs of the district, as identified by faculty, administration, and validated by data on student achievement.

She will also direct and coordinate a comprehensive program of professional development for instructional personnel, including assessment of impact on improved student achievement. In addition, the director will oversee the development, implementation, compliance and reporting of state and federal grant programs.

A final responsibility that highlights the work of this role is to supervise and evaluate the professional performance of curriculum coordinators, department chairs, and instructional coaches.”

JAMESTOWN-Jamestown Public Schools announced Tuesday they’ve hired a new Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment.

Michelle McDowell started her new position today.

“Mrs. McDowell has been an asset in the Jamestown Public Schools for five years and I am proud to recommend her as our new Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment,” said JPS Superintendent Sylvia Root. “She works well with our instructional staff and has an impressive list of accomplishments that have enhanced our instructional programs for our students and staff.”

Mrs. McDowell has held the position of Coordinator of Professional Learning at Jamestown Public Schools since 2012. In this position, Mrs. McDowell has served as a Central Office Administrator in charge of professional development for the district’s approximately 450 teachers and administrators in five elementary schools, three middle schools, and Jamestown High School.  In this position, Mrs. McDowell has also:


  • Designed and facilitated a series of learning workshops focused on the district’s Annual Professional Performance Review process
  • Coordinated the recruitment, selection, development, and evaluation of teacher leaders, including mentor teachers, building-level and district-level instructional coaches
  • Led district in-service workshops to support teachers’ work with establishing Priority Learning Standards and introduction to NYS Curriculum Modules applicable to Common Core Learning Standards
  • Been a member of the district’s Network Team responsible for turn-key training of NYSED Network Team Institutes concerning Curriculum Modules applicable to Common Core Learning Standards
  • Observed and evaluated staff in grades K-12


Prior to coming to Jamestown Schools, Mrs. McDowell worked as an Elementary Principal, Director of Curriculum and Instruction and English teacher in the Bolivar-Richburg Central School District from 2005 to 2012.

Mrs. McDowell received her Bachelor of Arts in English and Secondary Education from the University of Pittsburgh and her Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Scranton. She also holds an Advanced Graduate Study Certificate for School Building Leader from Niagara University.