Lead Alstar EMS Official Says Opioid Overdoses Remain Prevalent Throughout County

CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY-Alstar EMS Resource Manager Ron Hasson recently told WNYNewsNow and various law enforcement members via email that although the number of Alstar Narcan administrations have decreased, the number of overdoses remain high. 

Hasson said the Alstar Narcan administrations have decreased because of the ability to inject the drug by both emergency personnel and citizens.

In December, Hasson reported Alstar encountered 10 patients who received Naloxone. Alstar gave the primary doses in five cases. In one case, Hasson said family members broke the vial in an attempt to administer the substance. Two doses were administered by a fire department without the need for a second dose.

One dose was reportedly administered by a citizen without a second injection while another case involving a citizen injection required a second dose from a fire department.

December 2016 breakdown of overdoses by region and company.
Narcan Administrations breakdown by months in 2016. Also includes 2014 and 2015 yearly totals.

Hasson reminded everyone the administration totals of others prior to Alstar’s arrival is based on their voluntary reporting in the charting system. More administrations may have occurred without the ability of Hasson’s query.


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  1. Overdoses and deaths are still happening. I hope it doesn’t become so commonplace those deaths just become ok. Much more work is still needed. We can’t let up now!!!!

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