Local Car Dealership Presents “Do The Right Thing” Award To JHS Juniors

JAMESTOWN-Dave Warren Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram recently presented its first “Do the Right Thing” Award, a $500 check, to JHS Juniors Matt Hill and Andrew Pumford per Jamestown Public Schools Communications Director Cathy Panebianco.

Dave Warren reportedly presented the check to Jamestown High School in the juniors’ honor.

Hill and Pumford, both of whom excel academically and athletically, helped out football teammate James Hicks receive recognition from the Buffalo Bills organization (a lifelong dream of Hicks, a diehard Bills fan) after suffering a serious injury.

James’s story aired on WIVB-Channel 4 after Hill and Pumford contacted the TV station. Once word spread, James was offered game tickets, a signed jersey, hat, backpack, and a haircut by the official Bills team barber. Hicks also spent some pre-game time on New Era Field.

“The story about these young men really showcases what this award is about,” Warren said. “What they did for their classmate and putting him first was a really great thing. We love giving back to the community in this way and showcasing the amazing youth in our area. We hope these stories inspire others to also do the right thing.”

Both Hill and Pumford said they never sought attention.

“We never did this to get any recognition,” Andrew and Matt said. “A lot of other kids in the school are going to be able to use whatever the donation is put towards so our act will maybe extend beyond James into more of the school. That’s really nice to know that it’s reaching out that far.”

JHS teacher Dave Munella nominated the boys for the award per Panebianco.

“I could go on about these two young men and their unselfish act, but I would be writing for a long time,” Munella said. “This is very common for them to always be thinking of others. They are the same kind of teammates never worrying about themselves but rather the success of the team. That is why I must nominate them as a package.”