Local Tax Expert Warns Of Fraud

JAMESTOWN – Tax season is in full swing, and a local tax expert is now warning filers of tax return scams. H & R Block’s Emily Graham said sometimes customers don’t even know that fraud has occurred.
“They come in, file their return, and we say everything is all set to go, we send it, and we get a ding back from the IRS,” Graham said. “You cannot file two tax returns with the primary Social Security number.”
Graham said that if fraud occurs, you can still file your taxes on paper.
The victim would have to work to restore their identify. Graham said to protect yourself by keeping your Social Security number private and shred important documents.
“Even children’s name and Social Security numbers should be protected,” Graham said. “Be careful of your whole family’s personal information to keep it safe.”
The IRS can also issue an identity pin number each year to add another layer of protection. You can request a pin at irs.gov.
Graham also said to be sure to file your taxes with a reputable tax preparer to avoid leaked information.