Major Falconer Fire Scene Cleanup Underway

FALCONER – Crews are working to remove debris left behind following a massive fire in the area of 29 W. Main St., in March 2017.
Landfill credits were donated from the Town of Poland, Ellington, Gerry, Carroll and Village of Celoron to help cover the cost of the debris disposal after the Village received deeds to the properties.
Falconer Mayor James Rensel said that there were many challenges to get the debris removed and residents are pleased to get the cleanup underway.
“They (the residents) have attented our meetings and they understand what the challenges were,” explained Rensel. “They are very pleased that we are able to develop partnerships with diffrent towns and villages to help us out.”
Rensel said there are developers already intrested in investing in the property.
“We have not had to go searching for people,” said Rensel. “We just have to discuss with our community development plan on how we want to proceed.”
Financial assistance from the Chautauqua County Land Bank also helped the village clear the way for new development.
Executive Director of the Land Bank Gina Paradis said that this is a huge step in a positive movement in the right direction.
“We really have a unique situation here in the county with the county allowing landfill credits for the municipalities and their ability to share those through shared services with each other to trade back and forth in situations like this,” said Paradis.
County Executive George Borrello is pleased that municipalities and agencies are working together to get the project moving.
“Continued collaboration between all of our partners is an important part of our County being successful,” said Borrello.
Jamestown Urban Renewal Development Agency managed the demolition as part of a contract with the Chautauqua County Land Bank, under the direction of  Jamestown’s Director of Development Vince DeJoy.
Officals said that once the clean-up is complete, the vacant parcels will be ready for redevelopment. Interested parties in developing should contact the Village of Falconer at (716) 665-4400.