Mazda Recalls Vehicles For Exploding Airbags

NEW YORK — Mazda is recalling 270,000 vehicles with Takata airbags that could potentially explode.

Inflation chemicals in the air bags can deteriorate and cause them to deploy with too much force, blowing apart a metal canister that may result in flying shrapnel.

The recall is for passenger-side airbags on certain 2003-2008 Mazda6, 2006-2007 Mazdaspeed6 and 2004 MPV vehicles nationwide. It also involves 2005-2006 MPV models in certain states.

The Mazda recall web site reports the air bags are defective

“It has been determined that driver and/or passenger air bags supplied by Takata are defective and extremely dangerous. In affected vehicles with Takata air bags, metal shrapnel can explode from the air bags in the event of a crash. This can cause serious injury or death to passengers,” Mazda posted.
Drivers who determine their vehicle is affected by this recall should take immediate action to have the vehicle repaired for free. Takata passenger frontal air bag recalls have been expanded for Mazda to include additional models and model years. Parts for newly added vehicles in the expanded recalls are not yet available.
Owners of affected vehicles will be notified by first-class mail.
To schedule free Takata airbag repairs, call 888-639-7114.