Middle School Students Learn Through NFL Hall Of Fame

JAMESTOWN – Persell Middle School Sixth Graders had the pleasure of meeting National Football League Legend Robert Brazile this week part of the “Heart of a Hall of Famer”.
The program sponsored by the NFL where legends talk to students across the United States about character values that are needed for everyday life.
Tim Anderson, the teacher responsible for the meeting, said it was a great opprotunity for students.
“I felt that would be a great chance for our students to experience something different and engaging without leaving the classroom,” Mr. Anderson said. “I tried it last year with the British Museum in London and the kids loved it, so I wanted to continue to expand on those opportunities. Jason and Jeff connected me with BOCES technicians who brought us the chance to work with the NFL Hall of Fame bringing students together with all-time great NFL players and discussing their journey.”
Students had to research Brazile and write a biography on his achievements and define five key values that the hall of fame prides itself on.
They were also asked to develop five questions to ask Brazile about his life and career.
After, students wrote about important facts/details that they learned. Students were also expected to write about how Mr. Brazile displayed key character values that the NFL Hall of Fame expects.
“The students loved being able to connect to an actual NFL Hall of Famer and even speak to him personally when it was their turn to ask questions, which five of our students were lucky enough to do. Mr. Brazile was even complimentary of the quality of questions, which the students took pride in. I think it’s extremely important to allow students the chance to meet people like Mr. Brazile and have an understanding of the hard work and dedication it takes to get to be an NFL Hall of Famer, but also to show that having the key character values that he exuded helped him just as much as his physical talent.” Mr. Anderson said. “Some students may never get the chance to go to the NFL Hall of Fame, let alone meet an NFL Hall of Famer and ask him questions, so this experience really allowed them to see what kind of things are out there for them, and how anyone who builds great character and works hard can be anything they want to be.”