Mom Who Left Baby In Trash Bag Sentenced

ELMIRA, N.Y. (CNN) – Harriette Hoyt, the mother who abandoned her eight-month-old baby in a garbage bag outside of a home on Walnut St., in the City of Elmira last August, has been sentenced to serve nine years in prison.
Hoyt agreed to plead guilty to attempted murder in the second degree back in December in order to receive a lesser sentence.
If Hoyt had gone to trial and was found guilty of attempted murder, she could have faced up to 25 years in prison.
Along with her sentence, Hoyt will also serve five years of probation following her release. She also signed an order of protection stating that she not have contact with her child for the next nine years.
The baby, Sabrina, who was found after 72 hours, has been placed with a foster family and is doing well.

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  1. She gets 9 years because of why? she’s white and drug dealer gets triple amount of that tells you our system is so screwed up.

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