Multiple Municipalities Conduct Primaries

CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY-Multiple municipalities countywide conducted primaries for various positions Tuesday evening.

I’ll break down the victors  based on the municipality, with further detail involving the position and party. All results are as of Wednesday morning at 6 am. (via Chautauqua Board of Elections Website)


City Court Judge (to replace retiring Judge Walter Drag):

Democratic Party: Lawyer John Kuzdale received the most votes for the Democratics, receiving 277 votes (48.9%) of Democratic votes. Assistant District Attorney Rachel Roberts came in second, receiving 150 votes (26.31%) from the party. James Scott Dimmer, a former ADA, garnished 92 votes (16.14%) while layer Ronald Szot received 47 votes (8.24%) There were also four write-ins.

Republican Party: Lawyer Joseph Price received a party-high 85 votes (43.58%). Kuzdale and Roberts both earned 48 votes (24.61%) while Szot obtained 10 votes or 5.12%. Four write-ins accounted for just over 2% of Republican votes.

Price received the most votes for the Conservative Party (12/20) with Kuzdale earning six and Szot one. There was also a write in. Kuzdale also earned six votes to win the Working Families Party, with Szot obtaining two.

Price, in addition, received the most for the Independent Party with 18. Kuzdale (14), Roberts (12), and Szot (5) accounted for the other votes. Szot received the sole vote for Women’s Equality.

Dunkirk City Council (Ward 1)

Incumbent Donald Williams Jr. ran unopposed in the Working Families, Woman’s Equality and Independence Parties, earning nearly 30 votes.

Clymer Town Council position

Todd Kolstee edged Matthew Wade, 61-59. Randall Shampoe, Jr. also earned 17 votes. All three are Republicans.

Hanover Town Justice

(The following are Republicans) Phillip Hall narrowly defeated Wayne Ashley 72-70. Anthony Pearl also earned 45 votes.

Town of Harmony (1,2) Supervisor 

John Brown defeated William Lawson 45-12.

Town of Mina Council Vacancy 

Earnest Roache surpassed David Calvert 58-37. There was one write-in.