Multiple Vehicle Wreck Sends Pregnant Woman To Hospital

JAMESTOWN – Several people, including a pregnant woman, were taken to the hospital following a multi-vehicle collision that occurred near the corner of Baker and Colfax Streets on Christmas morning.

A woman who lives at a home directly in front of where the accident took place said at least five people needed medical attention.

“A pregnant lady and her daughter were taken by ambulance and the older couple involved in the accident both needed medical attention,” said Community Reporter Brooke Weinert.

The weather appeared to play a role in this accident as both vehicles slid into each other, while one vehicle careened into a parked car.

The National Weather Service issued a Lake Effect Snow Warning, which will remain in effect until Wednesday.

“The pregnant woman and her daughter were in the white car, and they hit the black car coming down the hill,” said Weinert.

The extent of the pregnant woman’s injuries is unknown at this time.