Murder Trial For City Man Scheduled To Start Next Month

MAYVILLE – The murder trial for Jamestown man, Brian M. Korzeniewski, is scheduled to begin next month in Chautauqua County Court.
Chief Clerk Tracy Lorenzo told WNYNewsNow Wednesday afternoon that a trial conference is scheduled for August 17th, while the first day of trial is slated for August 21st.
Korzeniewski is charged with second-degree murder in the death of city man, Michael Bull. Jamestown Police said Bull was discovered laying face down in a driveway in the 508-512 E. 6th St. area.
Bull reportedly sustained blunt force trama.
Korzeniewski is currently in County Jail, with bail listed at $1.5 million.


  1. I met this man once at Tim Hortons while getting a coffee with a friend. He has something wrong with him. Some kind of mental disability or something like that. He was slow but seemed like a okay guy. It goes to show that you never REALLY know someone or what they’re capable of doing. Always be on point.

  2. Wow common sense king so you met him once at a coffee joint and you know all that from talking to him for what 10 minutes maybe a little longer but you should work for the bau lmao. Profiling must be your thang. Stay on point there…make sure you stir the pot too.

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