NYS Public Service Commission Seeks Legal Action Against Spectrum

ALBANY – One of the nation’s largest cable, internet, and phone providers may be in some legal trouble after the New York State’s Public Service Commission announced Wednesday that they are seeking legal action against the media company.
In April, the Commission said that Spectrum’s parent company, Charter, did not meet the terms of its agreement with the state to expand broadband networks and fined the company $1 million dollars.
Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Office announced Wednesday that the state “will not tolerate abusive corporate practices or a failure to deliver service to the people.”
“Large and powerful companies will be held to the same standard as all other businesses in New York,”  said Press Secretary Dani Lever in a statement. “The Spectrum franchise is not a matter of right, but is a license with legal obligations and if those are not fulfilled, that license should be revoked.”
The original deal to expand Spectrum’s network was signed in 2016 when Charter acquired Time Warner Cable.