Obituary Says Blumquist Died From Accidental Drowning

WARREN – While police have yet to release an official cause of death for Sven Blumquist who died at the Blue Heron Festival, a locally published obituary states he died from an accidental drowning.
Blumquist was last seen July 7 in Sherman at the Blue Heron Festival. A search for the missing man ultimately led to the discovery of his body by authorities.
New York State Police Capt. Eric Balon told WNYNewsNow’s Matt Hummel that the police are waiting for an identity of the body and the autopsy results.
“The family probably put that in the paper. None of that info came from us. We won’t get a positive ID until the end of the week and autopsy results much later,” Balon said.
We will continue to follow the story.
Matt Hummel contributed to this report.