Officials Begin Process To Kick Spectrum’s Parent Company Out Of New York State

ALBANY – New York State officials announced Friday they are taking steps to remove cable service provider Charter Spectrum from the state.
In a hearing, the New York State Public Service Commission announced their plans null the merger between Charter Communications and Time Warner Cable, which received federal approval in 2016.
The commission states Charter failed to uphold promises and follow regulations that were set in place during the Time Warner Cable merger. The state outlines Charter failed “repeatedly” to meet scheduled deadlines, failed to uphold commitments made to serve rural communities, and engages in unsafe practices in the field.
New York State has given Charter 60 days to plan for an “orderly transition” to a another cable provider in the state.
In a statement released by the New York State Public Service Commission, officials believe Charter has no interest in being a “corporate citizen” within New York State. “Today’s actions are meant to address Charter’s failings and to ensure New York has a partner interested in the public good, not just lining its pockets.”
Public Service Commission Chairman John Rhodes said the failures of Charter have been getting worse over the past year. “Charter’s non-compliance and disrespectful behavior toward New York State and its customers necessitates these actions, court-ordered penalties for its failures, and revoking the Charter merger approval.”

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  1. Not happy with Spectrum’s practices and service. I agree that they should be kicked out of New York.Ron Dennison. I can’t ever get on their website to pay my bill.

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