“One Pot” Meth Lab Responsible For Portland Fire Tuesday; Duo Arrested And Held Without Bail

PORTLAND – Two people are facing felony drug manufacturing charges following a house fire on Tuesday, according to the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office. 
Brandon Newby, 31, and Tara Mlacker 43, both of Portland, were arrested after a fire broke out at their at 5586 Woodcrest Ave. residence.
The fire was contained to the bathroom and the rear of the residence, authorities said.
Investigators said suspicious evidence was located in the residence, prompting a call to members of the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force.
Once investigators obtained a warrant for the property, enough evidence was secured to charge Newby and Mlacker with manufacturing methamphetamine and felony drug possession.
Both Newby and Mlacker were arraigned and committed to jail without bail.