Outgoing City Council President Says “Trump-Style Campaign of Fear” To Blame For Loss

JAMESTOWN-Outgoing City Council At-Large President Greg Rabb (D), after originally accepting blame for his unsuccessful attempt to retain his position, blamed his loss on what he called the usage of a “Trump-style campaign of fear” by his opponents. 

Rabb issued the following statement on his Facebook page: “By now, you heard that I lost my re-election race to be Jamestown City Councilman at Large and President of that body. For ten years I gave my all to that job and am proud of everything we accomplished. Many people went our of their way to support me and many Jamestowners voted for me. I take full responsibility for my loss and hope I haven’t let my friends down.”

“There were many reasons I didn’t win, but two are most disturbing including opponents using my public talks on Islam and my public advocacy for transgender rights against in me in a Trump-style campaign of fear. Sadly, it worked to remove me as an openly gay elected official. This is a difficult time for me but I have been overwhelmed by the many expressions of support and encouragement from so many people including our Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul, a great friend of our LGBTQ community.”

“To my many friends, and especially to those who oppose my support for LGBTQ rights (especially because of the grave injustice being done daily to our transgender friends), I am down but not out. I will continue to build our community and fight for what is right and with your support we will not only defend what we have now but we will ultimately prevail in our fight for justice!”

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  1. No-tell the truth. The public is tired of liberal policies and the country as a whole is slowly starting to swing back to the middle, away from the far left. Quit trying to be a victim. Pathetic. You lost because of YOUR policies.

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