Panama Man Killed In ATV Crash

PANAMA – Brent A. Aldrich, 32, of 13 South St., was killed Monday evening when he drove his ATV into a guard-rail on Eddy Road near Button Valley Road and was ejected into a small creek.
New York State Police said the ATV stopped on the side of the road while Aldrich was in 18 inches of water about 11 feet east of the bridge.
At about 2 a..m. Tuesday, a passerby noticed the ATV and called Chautauqua County 911 after he saw a post on Facebook about Aldrich and his ATV missing.
Chautauqua County 911 contacted the State Police and State Forest Ranger Nate Sprague.
Troopers and Sprague patrolled the area and found the victim. County Coroner Daniel J. Tyler said Aldrich died at 8:23 p.m..
Aldrich’s body was taken to Erie County Medical Center and an autopsy is being requested.