Police Arrest Four After Seizing Heroin and Illegal Stun Gun at Stowe St. Apartment

Anthony Cruz via JPD
Angel Cruz via JPD
Zuleyka Fuentes-Cruz via JPD
Sasha Cruz Via JPD

JAMESTOWN-Police collared four people in a Wednesday afternoon raid at 30 Stowe St. capturing a “quantity” of heroin and an illegal stun gun according to the Jamestown Police Department.

Zuleyka Fuentes-Cruz, 30, is charged with 3rd degree Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance and 3rd degree Criminal Possession of a Weapon. Sasha Cruz, a 33-year-old fugitive from Warren County, was charged with 7th degree Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Angel Cruz, 40, was charged with 4th degree Criminal Possession of a Stolen Weapon. Anthony Cruz, 30, faces a 4th degree Criminal Possession of a Weapon.

All are in city jail awaiting arraignment. Police say more charges are expected for the quartet.

The New York State Police and Chautauqua County Probation assisted JPD in its investigation


  1. Great job JPD! Keep them off the street. No bail. Jail.. Too many people dying from this crap !

  2. It’s a terrible thing, but unfortunately they’ve already made bail and the 2 men are back to the house on Stowe st. Even more terrible, I SAY WITH 100% CERTAINTY, they are already back to selling the same drugs at the same residence. Even involving the upstairs apartment by way of the backdoor, like cockroaches. Please JPD, keep up the surveillance and continued diligence. Thank you for your best efforts at making and keeping Jamestown like it was back in the 80’s and 90’s.

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