A Juvenile Male Shot Five Times During Hunting Accident

UPDATE AT 1 PM – New details have emerged about a shooting that took place in the Town of Cherry Creek Monday morning. 

New York State Police Captain Eric Balon told WNYNewsNow the incident occurred around 6:30 am in  the area of Pick Up Hill Rd. Police say two separate  parties attempted to shoot the same turkey on private property.

Balon said the first hunting party with a 17-year-old juvenile was attempting to call a bird and at the same time a unidentified shooter shot at the bird, striking the teenage hunter.

Police said the alleged shooter is cooperating with authorities as the investigation remains ongoing.

CHERRY CREEK – New York State Police and the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Monday they are investigating a shooting that took place on Pick Up Hill Rd. around 6:30 am.

New York State Police Captain Eric Balon said the victim was a hunter. “There were very minor injuries in the hunting accident, but the guy was hit with pellets.”

Several agencies responded to the scene including Cherry Creek Fire Department and Chautauqua County Emergency Services.



  1. No one was ‘Shot 5 times’.This is a LIE! Your sensationalism is unbecoming and embarrassing to our community.When you ’embroider’ the facts you ‘diminish the truth’.Maybe ‘Punk NEWS’would be a more appropriate ‘By Line.

  2. This information is incorrect. It was our great-nephew and a friend turkey hunting this morning. They were hidden in the brush and using a hen call. One of two amish men heard the hen call and shot into the brush – on a hen call, when you can’t shoot hens in the Spring- and our nephew and his friend. First: You don’t shoot into brush and second you don’t shoot hens in Spring! When the kids started yelling that they’d been shot the amish ran (because don’t help someone you just shot or apologize- run!). Alden recognized them and the police went to the amish house. Alden was treated and released and went to police dept to file a report. His friend is in the hospital full of bird shot!

  3. He wasn’t shot 5 times. He was hit by 5 pellets from bird shot. Headlines like this helps ignorance grow in our society.

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